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A visit from the cousins!

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Aunt Felicity, Uncle B, Henry and Ruby came out from Baltimore for a whole week!!   We were blessed with beautiful June weather and were amazed at how well the cousins played with each other all week, now that they are 4, 4.5 and 6.  They would disappear for blissful hours to jump on the trampoline, make secret hideouts in the basement, or build lego fire trucks in Julian’s room, and I never heard the words, “Mama will you play with me?” one single time while they were here.  Baby Felicity was endlessly entertained watching them, and Ruby had a great time letting ‘Brown Baby’ (her favorite doll) use Felicity’s toys and clothes.  The other Felicity woke up early and often had pancakes or muffins awaiting her indolent hosts when they crawled out of bed.  Could we ask for better house guests?

We had a lot of fun showing them around Portland.  Some of the highlights included strawberry picking at Sauvie Island (followed by strawberry jam making and strawberry eating!), hiking in Forest Park, a whole day at OMSI, 2 trips to the zoo, sampling the down town food carts and lunching at the farmer’s market, and a picnic at Pittock Mansion.  And speaking of food, Cousin Adrienne, Pedar, PJ and Gabriel joined us for a barbeque one night!  The kids got into a lot of mischief together that night and Adrienne pointed out that it was karmic retribution for all the trouble that the three of us had caused together as kids at family reunions.

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