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Guys’ Camping Trip

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David made reservations at the Cape Dissappointment campgrounds for our first family camping trip of the summer.  However, Nutmeg hasn’t been sleeping well at all, and who ever sleeps well on a camping trip?   The thought of all 4 of us in a tent, being kept awake til all hours by an amped up Julian, and then waking up periodically all through the night and at the first rays of sunlight by a disoriented Nutmeg just sounded less and less appealing the closer the trip loomed.  So in the end, David agreed to take Julian on his own and leave Nutmeg and me at home.  They planned for two nights but were back after one (which is how camping usually goes around here.  We’re all enthusiasm on the front end and then burn out pretty fast once we get there).

David gets high points for planning the trip, organizing all the gear and supplies, and filling the itinerary with lots of great activities (a hike to a lighthouse, an excursion to a farmer’s market, a ride on the Astoria trolley, a visit to the maritime museum).  Julian gets low points for being whiny and a bit of a party pooper.  He did enjoy riding his bike around the camp ground with the other kids, though.  David and I still haven’t lost the dream that one day we’ll take our kids backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail, or all hike across New Zealand together.  But that day seems a long way off, sometimes.

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