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10 months old!

Nutmeg is 10 months old now!  She’s not quite walking yet, but she’s free standing and climbing on everything.  Ever since David put the babygate at the bottom of the stairs, her favorite place to hang out is on the second stair, holding tight to the bars- looking longingly upwards to all the stairs that are closed off to her.  She says “Dada!” when David comes home from work, and “mama” when she’s tired or hungry, or if she has bonked into something and hurt herself.  She still refuses to sign, but if you say “kiss”, she will kiss the air with loud smacking noises, and if you say “clap” she will delightedly oblige.  She is everyday more filled with personality, cuteness and independence.  Don’t try to feed her a spoonful of baby food because she will clamp her little jaws together and look away.  But if you give her the spoon and let her feed herself, she’ll lap it up eagerly.  Of course, she’ll get mad when you take the spoon away to refill it.  Julian alternates between being proud and excited about all the things she can now do, and being totally pissed off because she commands so much more parental attention and she can get into his things so much better now.  A common refrain in the house is “Nutmeg!  My desk is NOT AVAILABLE!!” (Montessori speak for ‘I’m using this and you need to get the hell away’).

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