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Technical difficulties

I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been having trouble uploading photos.  However, a lot has been going on, really.  David was gone for 9 days in Austria, during which time he worked very long days, saw little of Vienna, and reportedly did not have much fun.   Meanwhile, I manned the fort, got horribly sick and counted the days til he got back.  There were fun times too, of course.  We went to a couple of great holiday parties, and my dear friend Mike turned 60 on 12/12/12 and had a wonderful birthday at Serrato (the children stayed home with a babysitter for that one).

David got back just in time for his own birthday and we had dinner at an Indian restaurant together.  Nutmeg loved the spicy food, and David was thrilled to get yet another dinosaur t-shirt from Julian. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that at all!  We leave on Friday to spend Christmas with his family in California.

Here’s a random picture of Nutmeg looking cute in a tutu.


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