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Summer with Julian

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Julian and I are having a truly delightful summer together while Nutmeg goes to Childpeace every morning, and David works long days at Vestas. Every morning we start the day with swimming class. Julian is in Penquin class for the eighth time in a row, with a bunch of other boys.


They all seem to spend about as much time fiddling with their goggles as they do working on their front glide and back float, which might be the reason he’s had to take this class so many times.


After swim class, we always do a little bit of tree climbing in Grant Park before heading home.



After we get back to our house, we have about three hours before we need to go pick up Nutmeg. Often this time gets spent on laundry, yard work, errands, playing cards, and reading about ancient Egypt. Sometimes though, we get to have a special adventure.
Today we went out for lunch together at Boke Bowl. The chef there has two little boys who have both been in Julian’s class with him. I love the homemade ramen and he loves the peanut butter and jelly steamed buns and the dinosaur chopsticks.


Then we went to OMSI to do something Julian has been wanting to do all summer: watch the IMAX movie “Mummies: secrets of the pharaohs”. He was SO excited. He kept clutching my hand whenever something we have read about came on the screen and announcing in a loud whisper, “it’s the pyramids of Giza!” or “there’s Anubis!” or “look! Howard Carter!”



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