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Government Mineral Springs

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David reserved the beautiful little guard station cabin at Government Mineral Springs this past weekend. The cabin is quite large with 2 big bedrooms, extra futons for sleeping on downstairs, propane lanterns and stoves, and nice solid wooden furniture. It is charming, rustic, cozy, a big step up from camping, and only one hour from Portland. We had stayed there last year with Maggie, Elsie and Theo and had a marvelous time. So at first we were sorry that we hadn’t been able to recruit another family to go with us this year. That feeling quickly turned into relief when Nutmeg woke us up three times in the night and then wouldn’t go back to sleep after 4:15 am. Thank GOD none of our friends had come with us! They never would have spoken to us again!
We still had a great weekend, tired though we were. We went on a beautiful 3.5 mile hike to a waterfall and back. Good thing we got such an early start because it took the kids almost 3 hours to hike that far.







And after we came home and took a nap, we had more fun exploring the area around the cabin and relaxing by the river. It’s the kind of place that makes us so grateful to live in the Pacific North West! We’re going to go again in late September. Anyone want to brave Nutmeg’s early rising and come with us?









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