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We had to make a very impromptu trip up to Seattle on Friday to visit the passport office there. David and Julian are going to China next month for Steven and Amy’s wedding but when David sent their passports in to get Chinese visas, UPS LOST them!!! I am convinced that the passports were stolen, because when does UPS ever lose anything?? Anyway, in order for them to get new passports in time to get new visas and make it to the wedding, we had to travel to Seattle in person and get them expedited.

This resulted in a really fun and unplanned 3 day weekend for us. We got our mission accomplished early on Friday and David was forced to take 3 whole days away from all the big deals he’s working on right now and have fun with us instead. Here are a few of the great things we got to do together.
After we got the passports we went down to the waterfront and took a ride on a giant ferris wheel. Look at that view!



We also visited the Ballard Locks to watch the barges traveling up and down, and see the Chinook salmon swimming up the fish ladder. Nutmeg chased some geese around too.


Here we are at the Seattle Science Center, visiting with dinosaurs. Sadly, we have no photos of my wonderful cousin Adrienne and her charming boys PJ and Gabriel, whom we also got to visit with there. Julian said that the highlight of the weekend was wrestling with PJ on the grass outside the museum. PJ, who is going on 7, allegedly said, “Who knew a five year old could be tougher than a 6 year old?”. Of course, the wrestling match ended badly, as Adrienne and I knew it would, but just as predictably, the boys didn’t seem to remember that part.



We found a fun playground on Capital Hill to burn off some energy. Julian can now swing all the way from one end of the monkey bars to the other, turn around without touching his feet down, and swing all the way back again.



And we paid a visit to the museum of flight on our way out of town. David didn’t have much success explaining yaw, pitch and roll, but the kids had a lot of fun climbing in and out of the model planes. We’ll leave it to Yeh Yeh to really fill them in on aerospace engineering and flight mechanics.


I’m not exactly sure why there was a tornado simulator in the Flight Museum, but if there’s one thing Nutmeg REALLY loves, its a good tornado simulator.



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  1. I wish I could go with you! It sounds like a lot of fun.I wish I could go in the tornado simulator too! That sounds like a lot of fun too! From Henry.

    • Henry, there’s a tornado simulator in your science museum in Baltimore, so you should try it the next time you go there!!! Nutmeg did it when we were visiting you, and that’s how she knew that she wanted to do it again.


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