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Nutmeg spends a lot of time these days putting on clothes, taking off clothes, and changing her outfits. People tell me this will only get worse as she gets older. She definitely has her own opinions about fashion, though its doubtful she’ll be setting any new trends in Milan. Here’s a pirate/ballerina themed outfit she wore to school the other day. Note the look of unadulterated adoration which she bestows upon her older brother:



David and I now find ourselves embroiled in an ancient parenting struggle: wanting our daughter to be an independent thinker and learn to make her own choices, yet not wanting to send her out into the world looking like a freak show. It was easier when Julian was a toddler. As long as he had a truck on his shirt, he was happy. Now that he’s 5, his fashion interests revolve more around Halloween costumes. Here is a ‘monster’ costume that he made and was very proud of. The sign is a very important part of the costume.



The toddlers at Childpeace had a costume party brunch for their class gathering this year. Nutmeg wore Julian’s old elephant costume and Julian went as a bear, partly so that they could both be wild animals and ‘match’, and partly because he was worried he would scare the little kids if he wore his monster mask.



Nutmeg’s amazing teacher, Jennifer, came dressed as a friendly, not scary witch.


Julian liked her outfit so much that he co-opted it for part of the morning.



And speaking of dressing up, David and I got to go to our friends’ Kirk and Meghan’s wedding a few weeks ago. We had fun being silly in the photo booth together. I love that David looks like a Chinese gangster in these shots.


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