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Julian and David finished up their time in Xiamen and then spent an exciting weekend in Hong Kong together. With any luck, they are on the airplane back to Portland right now. Tomorrow is the day they finally come home and we get to hear all the details in person! Until I can get David and Julian to give me a slide show and talk me through their photos, I’ll post the last of their pictures and hope I can correctly infer what’s going on in them.

Last days in Xiamen. They spent a lot of time with Stephen and Amy who seem to have been endlessly patient and gracious.


David’s photo stream is filled with mouthwatering shots of Chinese dishes and street food. I hope David was taking full advantage of the culinary experience because I’m pretty sure Julian was not. I got a lot of reports that he only ate rice and tofu.


Here’s a new food that Julian could totally get on board with though- shaved ice with mangos on top!

Best ever newlywed tourguides:



This park like campus is the university where Amy studied.

And now we’re in Hong Kong- just like that!

Hong Kong by night looks very beautiful! I guess David let Julian stay up really late one night to watch the light show over the harbor.
IMG_1551 (2)

IMG_1553 (2)

IMG_1559 (2)


And here he is riding around the harbor by day.

Look at this amazing view!
IMG_1620 (2)

And who knew that they celebrate Halloween in Hong Kong too?
IMG_1625 (2)

More public transportation, Hong Kong style:
IMG_1630 (2)


IMG_1642 (2)

IMG_1644 (2)

Here’s a map of the world that my little world traveler drew. It shows him getting on the plane in North America and flying all the way to the other side of the globe.
IMG_1647 (2)

As luck would have it, beloved Aunt Amy and Uncle Stephen happened to be in Hong Kong the SAME weekend that David and Julian were! YES! And they took them out to dinner and ordered 5 different kinds of special Hong Kong desserts for Julian to try. You can bet I heard all about that evening!
IMG_1649 (2)

IMG_1650 (2)

IMG_1652 (2)


The Hong Kong zoo is free and has baby orangutans in it.

Julian seems to have quickly picked up on the habits of the natives! Note how he has started posing for photos just like a real live Chinese person.

Sadly, they were two weeks to early to catch the new dinosaur exhibit at the science museum, but at least they got to watch the animatronic dinosaurs being set up outside.


I know Julian and David must be feeling a bit wistful that this great adventure is coming to a close. And I’m sure it was really sad to say goodbye to Stephen and Amy once and for all. But Nutmeg is going to be THRILLED to get her big brother and her dad back tomorrow. Every single morning since they left her first words to me on waking up have been “Daddy?? Juju??” and then there’s a small sad pause after I tell her “They’re STILL in China!” The consolation has been that we’ve had one of the most beautiful Octobers on record. Here she is today, making the most of another fabulous fall day.















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