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A visit from Grandma!

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No sooner did our jet-setting Grandma finish up a 6 week cruise on the Amazon then she flew out to Portland to give a presentation at the American Research Center of Egypt’s annual conference. It was pretty great that the conference was held in Portland this year, because it meant we got 10 days with Grandma! We had a lot of fun and didn’t do a good enough job of documenting it. Here are a few photos of 3 generations of females cooking in the kitchen together, and one testosterone fueled male acting like a monkey:




And here are some cute photos of Grandma with her youngest grandchild:



And a couple of random photos of a delicious picnic we had with our friends in the rhododendron garden.



I know these pictures might give the impression that all we did was eat, but actually we did other things too. We took walks, played outside, made many trips to the library, and really made Grandma earn her keep washing dishes and babysitting. Once when I wasn’t around, Grandma took Nutmeg out to admire the spring flowers and taught her the word ‘blossoms.’ Nutmeg spent the rest of the weekend pointing at cherry trees, yelling ‘possums!!!’ and confusing everyone.

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