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A weekend at Devil’s Lake

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We just got back from a really wonderful weekend away with some friends that we own a share in a commercial building with. Ever since we bought into the property together 8 years ago we have had an annual retreat to the beach together. David and I missed the beach weekend for the last several years but were so happy that we didn’t miss this one because it was INCREDIBLY FUN!

We stayed in this massive house which sits right on Devil’s Lake in Lincoln city . Over the course of the weekend there were 12 adults and 6 children staying here. Behind me you can see our friend Jim enjoying the hot tub. And in front of me, of course, are the Wang kids. They played in this sandbox for close to two hours on Saturday morning.




The house was so perfect that Julian and I never even made it to the beach, although David and Nutmeg took a walk there together and both said that that Daddy/daughter time had been one of the highlights of their weekend.



Another thing that made this place so perfect was that there was a fantastic playground right next to it. We had a lot of fun there but the only photo I have of it is the kids and me sitting on a stump that had been carved into a throne.


There was also a nature trail through a little forest filled with wild flowers, salmon berries and gigantic old growth trees. If it had been raining, we all could have sat in the hollow in this massive tree’s trunk and not gotten a drop of water on us.


Julian learned how to play ‘battleship’ over the course of the weekend and he and David played many suspenseful games together. He also got to sit in a hot tub for the first time in his life, and he told me ‘I’m grateful I know now how good that is.” And he and I got half way through reading “The BFG” by Roald Dahl which we are both really enjoying. There were also delicious shared meals on the deck, stimulating conversations with other adults, s’mores, and silliness. I have decided that this is my very favorite kind of vacation for this phase of our lives. Vacationing is most fun and relaxing when the children have other kids to play with, and we have other adults to share cooking and conversation with. The weekend was such a success that there is now talk of doing it twice a year instead of just once.

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