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Getting ready for Halloween

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Halloween is coming up and it is Julian’s favorite holiday. He spends MOST of the rest of the year thinking about it, planning for it, dreaming up costumes, making scary Halloween posters, and imagining terrifying ways that we could decorate our house.

We made a trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. This always strikes me as such a funny American ritual: millions of suburban families making a once a year pilgrimage to a farm to buy a giant vegetable that they will never eat. It was a good time though, complete with getting lost in the corn maze and drinking hot cocoa while listening to a folk band play tired renditions of ‘blowing in the wind.’ The kids loved the pony ride, which wasn’t much of a ride if you asked David and me. Look at how happy they are, though!



They also had a lot of fun playing in hay bales.



Nutmeg loved feeding the baby goats more than anything else we did at the farm.


And they both loved getting incredibly dusty and dirty in the corn bin.




Then we took the obligatory hay ride out to the field of pumpkins and we each picked out the biggest one we could carry.






We’re going to wait a while before we carve them, but for now they are keeping Julian’s monsters company on the front porch.




A lot of thought has gone into costumes, of course. For a long time, Julian had planned to be a vampire to go with his little sister’s werewolf costume. Then he was given a too-tight dragon costume from a girl down our street and he loves it so much that it can be hard to get it off of him. Here he is, riding his bike in the costume and hanging out with our beloved neighbors Sarah and Bence. Julian couldn’t fit the mask on over his bike helmet, so Bence is wearing it instead.





David likes to call the dragon costume Julian’s ice skater outfit. Here is a photo from the movie ‘Blades of Glory’ to illustrate why he says this.


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