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Nutmeg’s first day in the Pine Room

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Nutmeg moved up to the Pine Room today!  That means she graduated from the Toddler Room and joined a room filled with 3-6 year olds.  Usually the transition takes about 4 days but Nutmeg was SO READY that she did it in one and a half.  This is a pretty exciting step and here are the top things she’s thrilled about:

1) Her new teacher agreed to call her Nutmeg, instead of Felicity (at Nutmeg’s request).

2) She’s with the BIG KIDS (like her!) and not the ‘babies’ any more.

3) She gets to be in the same room as Julian for aftercare (from 3- 5 pm).  He’s excited about that too, and it sounds like he took really good care of her on her first day.  He showed her how to get her snack, played with the doll house with her (not something he usually does, but he thought she would enjoy it) and drew pictures with her.

4) She gets her very own monkey ‘pack-pack’ AND she gets to bring her own lunch to school in a lunch box!  She had her choice of lunch boxes but wanted Julian’s old box with a fire truck on it.


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