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Julian’s Harry Potter Birthday

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IMG_20150801_081458 IMG_20150801_081510

We have a 7 year old!!!!  7 has always been my favorite age and I have waited for this year for a long time.  Julian felt like he waited for his BIRTHDAY for a long time too!  He was so excited about it this year, and the wait got almost unbearable towards the end.  He really wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday and had so many ideas and plans for how to make it perfect.

August birthday parties are tricky in Portland, since we have no air conditioning and it does get hot.  I always try to talk Julian into a swimming party, or a roller skating party, but he would not budge from his theme.   In order to beat the heat, we invited all the guests to the ‘forbidden forest’, a nice park near our house with big shady trees.

We spent the week before the party doing lots of Harry Potter crafting to get ready.  Julian and Nutmeg helped make wands, house badges, ties, goody bags and games.  One of our favorite things to make was the bludger piñata:


Julian also spent long hours practicing a magic show to perform for his friends at the party.


One of David’s friends had a Harry Potter costume in Julian’s size that she let us borrow for the day.  It’s impossible to express just how THRILLED he was about that.  He put on the Gryffindor robes and the glasses and he really felt that he WAS Harry.



Here are some of his friends with their badges, wands and ties, listening to the rules for the first challenge:

IMG_4541 IMG_4542

And here they are again, playing an exciting game of “Find Hedwig”:

IMG_4544 IMG_4546

The broomstick races were a hit.  Track star Zephir was paired with Nutmeg in Hufflepuff for the relay, and so we had to do some individual races to let his speed go unchecked.



Severus Snape couldn’t make it to the party but he sent over some powdered unicorn horn and dragon tears so the kids could mix up a magical green foaming potion.

IMG_4553 IMG_4554

The magic show was performed with great flair and a liberal interspersing of real Hogwarts spells such as ‘Accio!’ and ‘Evanesco!’ and Julian was able to make knuts and galleons appear and disappear almost at will.

IMG_4557 IMG_4559

We had some tasty snacks: water that magically changed color when it was poured, hard boiled dragon eggs (which Julian and Nutmeg had dyed and decorated to great effect), pumpkin pasties, Aragog’s spider eggs, Professor Sprout’s herbology tray, Snape’s toadstool stuffed mushrooms and an English trifle instead of a birthday cake.


And finally, there was the beating of the bludger!  Zephir got the first crack since he had found the golden snitch and singlehandedly won the house cup for Hufflepuff.  The piñata hung on until everyone had had a turn to beat it, and then burst open most anticlimactically to reveal a mass of melted chocolates that had been baking inside it all week when we’d left it outside in 98 degree weather.  Everyone had to eat the Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans from their goody bags instead.


Julian was really sad to return the borrow Harry Potter costume, but look what he gets to KEEP forever: a real Gryffindor bowtie that one of his friends gave him as a gift (he also got a t-shirt that says 9 3/4 on it).

IMG_20150806_165446 IMG_20150806_165455

There’s 11 1/2 months to go until his next birthday, but he has already decided that it’s going to have a medieval theme.  And he’s already decided what’s he’s going to wear:


Heaven help me!  We’ll have to fly Aunt Emi out to plan and orchestrate that one.  I still have hope I can talk him into the pool party instead!



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