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There’s only 3 weeks left of summer!  Here are some random images of other ways we’ve kept busy and happy this season when we weren’t on vacation or celebrating birthdays:

Julian spent a week at Tracker’s stealth and archery camp!  Here he is wearing the closest thing he could get to camouflage.  He was loathe to leave his button down shirts in the closet all week but LOVED the camp and wants to do it again next year!



We set up our first ever lemonade stands with some neighborhood kids on one of the 100 degree June days.  Our best customer was a thirsty mail deliverer who had been driving around in the heat all afternoon.  He downed four cups and left a big tip.


There are free art crafts in the various parks we frequent around town.  We have accumulated rooms full of art projects, such as these finely rendered and useful masks.

IMG_20150721_134729 IMG_20150721_135417

They also sometimes have visiting rock walls at the park, which Julian loves!

IMG_20150728_125230 IMG_20150728_125236 IMG_20150728_125656

He’s gotten interested in bouldering this summer and we’ve taken him to a couple of different rock gyms to practice:


The Portland library system is always a great source of free entertainment.  In addition to their wonderful summer reading program, they host lots of interesting guest speakers and workshops.  Here’s one we attended and learned all about reptiles. The kids got to touch beautiful and fascinating snakes and even wear a few of them as necklaces.





In addition to daily swimming classes and weekly Chinese lessons, Nutmeg has also been taking ballet.  Isn’t she a graceful little nymph?

IMG_20150728_130850 IMG_20150728_134855

Nutmeg had a really special weekend with her dad when they went to LA for Uncle Ed and Uncle George’s wedding.  She had such a good time with her Wang relatives!


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