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Eeking out the last bit of summer fun!

There’s only a few more days until school starts again, and we are enjoying them to the fullest!  Last weekend we were supposed to go camping with Julian’s best friend Lucia and her family, but had to cancel due to rain.  Instead, we spent a wonderful day together exploring a new part of town, playing in fountains, riding the aerial tram for our first time ever and eating lunch at the farmer’s market.  Julian and Lucia have been friends since they were 15 months old and will be in the same classroom next year for first grade.  They like each other A LOT and are pretty cute together.

fountain play j and l 2 j and l 3 j and l waiting for streetcar

Julian has spent 1-2 hours each day (for about 3 weeks) teaching himself how to play Fur Elise, his favorite piece of music!  His piano teacher didn’t think he was ready to learn it, so Julian took matters into his own fingers and taught himself.  We really admire his motivation but I think the whole neighborhood would love a break from Fur Elise!  He plays it an average of 8 times per day.

fur elise

We have had a lot of really fun play dates recently.  Nutmeg finally got to have a play date with her friend Pepper, who lives a few doors down but has a very busy schedule.

berry lips

Julian was supposed to let the girls have their play date to themselves, but couldn’t help himself- he HAD to be the star of the show!  He did a magic show for them and put on a piano concert.

magic show piano concert

The very next day, we went on a hike and had a play date with Julian’s friend Zephir.  The boys included Nutmeg a little bit, but mostly she got left out. She wasn’t able to muscle her way into the play date as Julian had done the day before, and he didn’t seem to remember what it had felt like to be the third wheel.  It’s really hard to be the youngest, and sibling conflict has been rampant this summer!

hikers hiking break

Here’s Nutmeg, desperately trying to run with the boys:

hiking friends

Here are the boys, doing boy stuff without her:

boys and weapons 2 boys and weapons

Even though Julian and Nutmeg have fought more together this summer than any other, they have played more together as well.  Here’s a special house they built for a Nutmeg’s fairies (you can guess who the primary architect was):

fairy house

Today we finally completed the last 6 miles of our 100 mile summer hiking challenge!!  Afterwards we celebrated with ice cream.  Nutmeg chose a safety whistle for her grand prize and Julian is getting hiking poles.  The 100 miles was a fun goal and gave both kids such a sense of accomplishment when they reached it.

100 mile challenge    100 mile pics 100 mile  whistle100 mile ice cream cone100 mile ice cream100 mile ice

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