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Halloween 2015

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October 31st, 2015  was a dark and stormy night- the rainiest Halloween in memory.  Nutmeg, dressed as a cuddly werewolf, was completely undeterred by the weather in her pursuit of candy.  We marched all over the neighborhood with our friend Alani (adorably dressed as a minion) and both girls came home soaked to the bone.  The little werewolf more closely resembled a drowned rat.  Meanwhile, Julian, who had spent a lot of time making cardboard accessories for his terrifying grim reaper costume, waited out the storm and greeted trick or treaters with David.  When the rain finally stopped, we traded places.  Nutmeg and Alani handed out candy and Julian went out to scare the neighborhood.  We still have bags of candy on the top shelf of the pantry, but luckily they haven’t asked about it in a really long time.

IMG_4651IMG_4664 IMG_4645 IMG_4643 IMG_4637 IMG_4630

Just as much fun as trick or treating was carving pumpkins with our rock star neighbors the week before. This the second year in a row for that particular tradition and hopefully it will still be going strong for years to come.


IMG_4619 IMG_4613 IMG_4600 IMG_4597 IMG_4595 IMG_4593

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